Sunday, January 2, 2011


Company Background

BIOCAREER International Sdn. Bhd. (BCI) founded in August 2010 by a few local entrepreneur. BCI ia a company that produce Apple Stem Cell for South East Asia market.

To produce Apple Stem Cell using nano technologies, for the good and benefit of human life, BCI work hand in hand with one of the prolific company in Switzerland – Mibelle Biochemistry which is very particular in their R&D before marketing the product in to the market.

Apple Stem Cell was produce from a species wild apple by a very popular Swiss scientist, Dr. Fred Zulli through a very specific research.

Through Mibelle Biochemistry, Dr. Fred Zulli produce Apple Stem Cell. and pass the authority to BCI to be its partner to market its Cell Stem product in the east part of the world.

Our GMP Factory

Product which are processed using sophisticated technologies are in compliance to HALAL requirement. We process the material according to ASEAN GMP as well as HACCP requirement to manufacture cosmetics skincare, diet and health supplement. We are using the phytocelltec apple stem cell which originate wild from Switzerland to produce our original stem cell product. 





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